Eclectic Entertaining Devon Pub and Function Band

Meet the Band

And here we are in all our gory.

Adrian Tilley

Singer, guitarist and electric bass. Since the age of fourteen has harboured dreams of being a rock star of some sort. Many years and many bands later, that dream is finally dashed to pieces by All Bar One. Has his own dressing room built into the boot of his Austin Allegro and still refuses to eat brown MandMs. He hopes that when his voice breaks the band may feature some Paul Robeson songs but till then he’ll have to make do with his Freddy impressions (Freddy and the Dreamers not Mercury).

Caroline Ash

Started out as a folk singer in Scotland or somewhere North and chilly. Given an opportunity will stick a finger in her ear whilst still managing to accompany herself on guitar for folk ballads – renditions which will bring noisy pubs to silence. Later in life was vocalist/keyboards/saxist in the Hard Place Soul Band.  Now enjoying the less frenetic style of All Bar One singing, playing guitar and alto sax.

Dan Marino

Dan has only recently made us into a quartet and hasn’t really had time to realise how unmusical we are. We bandy musical terms around (always confusing for a drummer), some of which we make up or take from Pizza menus. Dan comes from a theatrical family and was brought up on performance. He has a photo of himself, aged 6, on the knee of Buddy Rich, probably the most famous drummer of all time. We are still working out if any of that magic rubbed off on that small boy in short trousers (Dan not Buddy). He has played in all kinds of bands all over the world including Japan where he lived for several years. He’s a very nice guy who doesn’t realise what he’s let himself in for with All Bar One.

Nigel Wayne

Nigel plays tenor sax and electric bass (on a ukulele bass). His enthusiasm for music is in no way matched by his ability but that has never got in his way. He also served an apprenticeship of about 15 years in the Hard Place Band and jams with big bands, folk groups…in fact  with anyone who fails to underestimate his mediocrity. Tells absolutely awful jokes. Wears a leather hat. You’re probably beginning to get the picture.